A wins a win!

Saturday’s game could have went sooo wrong for the Reds if their sheer determination and hunger to win didn’t shine through in the second half.

The Reds knew from their encounter with Saul last year in the league, although they are sitting near bottom of the table they are a force to be reckoned with and their league position does certainly not reflect their talent and ability.

Once again the Reds got off to a good start with some fine free taking from Teresa Parr in the first half to lead by 5 points at half time. However, yet again, as with the Kilcoo game the girls seemed to lose their mo jo at the beginning of the second half and were like rabbits caught in the headlights as Saul came out and blasted 1-3 unanswered….. it’s at this point the management look like they need medical assistance and poor Beano looks like he’s going to pass out!!

However, In true Reds style, the ladies never lost their composure, gathered themselves and began to tackle in packs, defend in numbers and attack like it was a championship final to score 3 points in the closing minutes, with Siobhan Magee making it hard for any Saul forward to get a score. It’s with this attitude that helps the super reds win games, which they did narrowly in this situation.

Hunger and desire carry a team a long way and these girls have it in abundance, and with 16 wides, the Reds can be lucky the result was not very different, but as the saying goes, a wins a win!

Thanks to Louis for coming to capture the first home win of the season, hopefully it’s the first of many!! #superreds

Rostrevor 1-15 Saul 2-8

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