Topaz ‘Cash for Clubs’ is Back

Topaz have announced the return of Topaz, a community initiative, which offers clubs of all types and sizes from across the island of Ireland the chance to win up to €250,000 in cash prizes.

How it works

Members of the club and customers in their community can start to collect tokens using a Play or Park gametag which are available in-store or through the Topaz Play or Park app. You’ll receive one token once you spend €30/£20 or more on fuel purchases and once you have linked your gametag to your chosen club your tokens will be automatically allocated to your club. Once a club has collected 2000 tokens, they will be automatically entered into an ‘everyone-wins’ draw.


  • 1st Club drawn will win €10,000
  • 10 Clubs thereafter will win €5,000 and
  • 140 Clubs after this will receive €1,000
  • All Clubs thereafter who meet the required token amount will receive €250.

‘Cash for Clubs’ will run for 12 weeks in total beginning Monday 16th May 2016 and ending Sunday 7th August 2016.

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