Rescheduled Summer Camp!

Rescheduled to 2-5pm on Saturday 17th September.

✔️For those who were booked to attend the water-bouldering session which was cancelled on 20th Aug, it’s now rescheduled to the morning of Saturday 17th September. If you aren’t sure if your child is on the list, please text or call 07720294413. If you child can’t attend please let us know.

✔️Children who are booked for Water Bouldering please arrive Petit Park at 8.30am on Saturday 17th Sept. Please bring: a change of clothes and dry shoes; old shoes for bouldering; towel; lunch. Children will be back in time to enjoy the fun day, games, challenge matches, BBQ, facepainting etc.

✔️For all other children involved in the Summer Camp, the Fun Day commences 2pm and children need to be accompanied by an adult/guardian❗️

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