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We are pleased that from this week we will be providing a new facility for members to purchase/order club gear. Following the closure of E O’Hare & Sons all official club gear will be distributed by the club directly.

To this end we will have a Club Shop in operation one night per week, in the Social Club. The shop will open from 8.00-9.30pm each Thursday and will be located in the small meeting room commencing this Thursday 30th May.

Please note initial stock levels will be at a minimum as we will be running on the transferred stock from E O’Hare & Sons. However we will have order forms available for all club gear. We will be increasing the stock levels over the coming weeks and months to try and accommodate the main range of gear.

There will be an email address in operation for queries relating to club gear outside of the Club Shop hours:

Please note orders cannot be placed through the email address, it is for queries/information only. A copy of the order form will be posted online also.

There are currently no card payment facilities available so it will be cash only at this stage. A minimum 50% deposit will be required to place any order, with balance due on collection.

We thank members for their patience in the time since O’Hare’s closed and to those who have volunteered their time to run the shop.

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