Covid-19 Donation Scheme

❌Covid-19 Donation Scheme❌

The uncertainity which is hanging over all of our community at the present time is made much worse for many more of us who have had their working hours reduced or even lost their jobs.

With this in mind, the Clubrooms will be open 7-9pm on Tuesday evening if you wish to donate anything from the list below to help those most in need. We will collect your donations and make up parcels for distribution.

🔴 Long life/tinned foods & sauces
⚫️ Toilet Roll, Kitchen Roll, tea, coffee
🔴 Nappies, wipes, soap
🔴 Disinfectant
⚫️ Bin bags
🔴 Paracetamol
⚫️ Toiletries
🔴 Other items you think would be of use

The back door to the Club Lounge from the carpark will be open and food will be taken via this entrance. We will be operating under the Health guidelines at all times.

To those people who have already put their names forward as volunteers, we would like to say thank you very much. We have enough volunteers to cover Tuesday evening but we will be in touch as events progress.

If anyone has any queries or issues please contact Dermot via / +447936456234 or Mark Gibbons

Thank you for your support



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