🔴Covid-19 Donation Scheme Update⚫️

Our Covid-19 donation scheme will go ahead tonight as we continue to try to support the vulnerable in our community.

Please follow the below protocol between 7-9pm only.

🔴All donations to be made in a vehicle, and not on foot.

⚫️Donors are asked to enter the car park at the rear of the club rooms and await further instructions.

🔴Please do not get out of your car at any point.

⚫️All goods are to be placed in the boot of the car/back of a van so our volunteer(s) will be able to access, remove and sanitise without the need for the driver to get out.

🔴There is no need for more than one person to travel in any vehicle.

Social distancing measures will be followed at all times by our limited number of volunteers.

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